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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.12.22] USA horror

It's been a few year's since we've seen a new movie from Ti West but the director of The House of the Devil, The Inkeepers, and The Sacrament is back with what looks like another innovative horror film: X.

The movie stars Jenna Ortega, Kid Cudi, Brittany Snow, Mia Goth and Martin Henderson as a group of amateur creators who head out to rural Texas and rent a dilapidated cottage where they're going to make their mind-blowing porn flick. As one might expect, they get far more than they bargained for when one of the owners turns out to be a creepy old lady who may be possessed - or the devil incarnate, hard to tell other than to know for sure that shit is about to get very ugly.

West is never one to stick to convention and the fact that this comes to us from the A24 team certainly brings with it some strong pedigree. Curious to see how much of the comedic elements at play in the trailer weave through the film.

X opens theatrically on March 18.

Recommended Release: The Innkeepers

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