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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.19.21] horror

I was already curious about Seance based solely on the fact that it unfolds at a boarding school where the new girl is the outsider and may just be at the center of a good old murderous entity mystery.

Suki Waterhouse plays said new girl Camille Meadows, the newest student at the Edelvine Academy for Girls. Shortly after her arrive3l, six girls invite her to join them for a seance where they plan on calling forth the spirit of a former student who is rumored to haunt the school. When one of the six girls turns up dead, the others start to wonder what exactly they summoned.

Admittedly it sounds like a pretty typical girls-summon-demons story but this is written and directed by Simon Barrett who has a solid track record of elevating familiar fair including having written You're Next, The Guest, and Temple.

Hopefully, he'll deliver more of the same goodness here.

Seance opens in select theatres and will be available on VOD May 21.

Recommended Release: You're Next

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