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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.11.20] scifi comedy

Typical. The end of the world comes when you least expect it.

Save Yourselves! is the feature film debut of Alex Huston Fische and Eleanor Wilson. The movie stars Sunita Mani ("Glow," "Mr. Robot") and John Reynolds ("Stranger Things") as Su and Jack, a pretty typical couple living their lives in Brooklyn when they realize that like everyone else around them, they've become attached to their phones. When given the opportunity to go into the woods and commune with nature for a short while, they decide to take a technology break.

All is well and good with nature, sort of, but when weird things start to happen they turn their phones on only to discover that while they were disconnected, the world has been invaded by aliens that look like “poofs” and the pair must figure out how to save themselves.

It sounds totally ridiculous but that appears to be the point with Save Yourselves! which appears to be a lovingly mocking observation on not only our obsession with technology but people's general inability to do be self-sufficient. It's only natural that the aliens are basically giant tribbles. The only way this would be more ridiculous is if they looked like Daleks.

Save Yourselves! opens theatrically on October 2 followed by a VOD release on October 6.

Recommended Release: Mars Attacks!

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Looks funny

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