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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.05.20] scifi drama dystopic

2048. We've destroyed the world to the point that the ozone layer is so depleted that we can't be out in the daytime for fear of death and so people have turned to technology in order to live, retreating into the safety of a virtual existence for everything from work to socializing.

This is the setting of LX 2048. In this dystopic and all-too-real possibility of a future, we meet Adam (James D'Arcy), a man determined to live what we would consider a "typical" existence, waking up in the morning, going to work, caring for his family. But in this near-future, Adam's life is anything but normal.

When he begins to suffer from heart failure, Adam finds himself fighting the clock as he tries to find a cure before the government replaces him with an improved clone upgrade.

In addition to D'Arcy, the movie also co-stars Anna Brewster and Delroy Lindo.

Though writer/director Guy Moshe hasn't made a movie in a decade, I rather enjoyed Bunraku (review) which, while a bit cheesy, delivered on the promise of a unique vision.

While LX 2048 appears to be a little less adventurous, the premise and Moshe's ability to world-build has my full attention.

LX 2048 will have its world premiere in virtual cinemas and VOD on September 25.

Recommended Release: Bunraku

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