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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.15.20] horror comedy

We've seen what happens when a band ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time (Green Room is brutally fantastic) but what happens when when your roadie turns out to be a flesh-eating monster?

DUH are an up-and-coming punk-rock band ready to take the next step in their careers by going on their first tour but first they need to find a van. Instead of simply finding themselves a van to borrow for their 7-day tour, they find themselves a package deal: a van and a roadie in the van's owner Mr. Peckerhead.

Things are off to a good start until Judy, the bass player, discovers that the band's new roadie turns into a flesh-eating zombie at midnight. Craziness ensues.

Uncle Peckerhead looks like the kind of ridiculous horror comedy that would have played really well at midnight shows and while it may still be some time before we're able to share it with friends in a theatre setting, there's still an opportunity to share in the joy that is clearly infused into writer/director Matthew John Lawrence's sophomore effort.

Uncle Peckerhead will be available on VOD August 11 followed by a Blu-ray release on August 25.

Recommended Release: Green Room

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