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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.13.20] thriller

Amy knows she's going to die tomorrow and as she tells people that this is her fate, they start to think they too will die tomorrow. Is this all just a state of mind or is there some larger-than-life apocalyptic power at play that will somehow kill you once the thought of death enters your mind? The answers will, hopefully, be provided in She Dies Tomorrow.

The concept for Amy Seimetz's sophomore effort is rather brilliant and Seimetz has assembled a fantastic cast of familiar faces to tell her story including Kate Lyn Sheil, Jane Adams, Chris Messina, Michelle Rodriguez, Adam Wingard and Josh Lucas.

The trailer for She Dies Tomorrow suggests the film delves deep into the psychology of death and focuses more on the internal struggle with the unseen killer than with the act itself but those are typically the best scary movies, the ones featuring an intangible, overpowering force.

She Dies Tomorrow opens in drive-in theatres across the country on July 31 and will be followed by a VOD release on August 7.

Recommended Release: The Ring

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Wumpus (1 year ago) Reply

Interesting! I haven't seen Sun Don't Shine yet, but that's supposed to be good.

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