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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.15.20] United Kingdom drama crime

I love a solid gangster drama and The Shadow of Violence looks to be just that.

Written by Joe Murtagh who saw great success a few years ago with American Animals, The Shadow of Violence marks the feature film debut of Nick Rowland who has a few shorts under his belt and most recently has been behind the camera for a number of television series, including episodes of "Ripper Street" and "Hard Sun."

Cosmo Jarvis (brilliant in Lady Macbeth) stars as Douglas "Arm" Armstrong, a former boxer who has found a second career as an enforcer for a drug-dealing family. At first, his former career is enough of a deterrent for would-be trouble-makers but as he becomes more entrenched in the thug life, Arm's duties become ever more violent and when he's tasked to commit his first murder, his loyalties are tested and drama between arm and the family becomes tense.

Along with Jarvis, the movie also stars Barry Keoghan, Ned Dennehy, and Niamh Algar.

The Shadow of Violence premiered at last year's Toronto International Film Festival (under the tile Clam with Horses) and then continued on the late-season festival circuit where it garnered great acclaim.

The Shadow of Violence opens theatrically on July 31.

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