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It's hard to know where to start in talking about Butt Boy. The title might be your first clue that this isn't your standard family fare film. Oh no, it most certainly is not. It is an outrageously hilarious comedy but be warned that many will find it way too disgusting and disturbing. Okay, warning issued, we can proceed.

This wild and wacky tale centers on Chip Gutchel, an ordinary man, married with an infant son and a job working as the IT guy at a fun family firm. Chip seems to be bored and simply going through the motions in his daily life until he has a surprising awakening during a routine prostate exam. OUCH, this will only hurt for a second.

Most men don't look forward to repeating this doctor visit, a routine but necessary followup. Well Chip doesn't seem put off at all by this painful intrusion. In fact he immediately feels compelled to put something small up his bum, and then something a little bigger, and then the remote control, and then a puppy, and then... WHAT!?!? A PUPPY!?!? ...and then a BABY. OMG. Have I lost you yet? NO? Well then you can stay and watch the movie because this all takes place in the opening 10 minutes! Yes, this is just the setup. Can it get any crazier, more bizarre or revolting than this?

This is exactly the sort of film you would expect to find in the After Dark section of your local film fest or at a genre festival consisting entirely of horror/sci-fi/fantasy fare. I'm very much a fan of black humour. Dark and wicked material really tickles my funny bone, but after reading the premise of this film and watching the trailer, I wasn't certain that I could stomach this journey. In the same vein, I've been unable to make myself sit down and watch Swallow, a recently released horror film about a young pregnant housewife who feels increasingly compelled to swallow and consume dangerous objects. Yuck, ech, what the heck! Well I steeled myself to sit down with Butt Boy, so maybe I will eventually find the nerve to check out Swallow too.

Butt Boy is a terrifically well made comedy due in in large part to Tyler Cornack, known for his work as an actor writer and director in the 83 episode TV series "Tiny Cinema." Here he not only does a killer job as the star of the movie in the lead role Chip, but he also wears the hats of director and co-writer. This is a real 'Tyler' production, as the co-star in the role of Detective Russel Fox is played by Tyler Rice; giving a stand-out performance. There's even a third Tyler in the role of Chip's son Marty, young Tyler Dryden.

Well you can't begin to imagine where the film goes after this nauseating start. It's certainly a wild and crazy trip. There are indeed more sickening moments amongst the freaky hilarity but if you are not too repulsed to stay the course you will be rewarded with a bloody good explosive finale.

Butt Boy is now available on VOD and will be available on Bluray and DVD on April 28.

Recommended Release: Butt Boy

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