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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.13.19] action

Olga Kurylenko has long been toiling away in mediocre movies that aren't nearly as good as her talents and while over the years, she's also managed supporting appearances in blockbusters alongside major movie stars, that hasn't directly translated into superstardom. I doubt The Courier is going to change that but it's fantastic to see her take on, and kick-ass, in a leading role.

Kurylenko stars as the mysterious Courier who shows up just in time to protect an eye witness whose testimony is going to send a bad guy, played by Gary Oldman complete with eye patch, to prison for a long time. The movie also stars Dermot Mulroney as the special agent handling the case.

This looks and feels like something that Luc Besson and his team would have come up with but instead, it comes to us from director Zackary Adler who also co-wrote the script. Adler has been busy pumping out movies over the last three years but this is his calling card.

It's not a new story but Kurylenko is generally great and the kick-ass woman story never gets old.

The Courier opens theatrically and is available on VOD November 22.

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