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David House [Celluloid 10.24.19] horror comedy

Although this is listed as a horror film let me tell you right off the bat that Weedjies: Halloweed Night is actually a stoner comedy with some light splashes of blood and a few jump scares.

Three young women have rented an old haunted hotel in Las Vegas where they are throwing a big Halloween party to raise tuition money for college. The fourth member of the group is their science nerd friend Claude, whose job was to create a special highly potent strain of marijuana. He comes up with the "Golden Nug" (one toke and you're gone...), the 'most powerful cannabis known to man'. This is to be the big prize in the party's scavenger hunt.

THE BUD BASH gets underway with drinking and dancing, toking and joking, and everyone having a great time in a number of original wild and crazy costumes. I especially loved the snake charmers costume. When he plays the flute his 'snake' rises to the occasion! When the partygoers grab their clue cards and start out on the scavenger hunt, the four organizers head to the library to count their profits and relax with a shot or two of Jack Shitt Bourbon. This is when the movie, and the party, get interesting.

Suddenly and mysteriously, The Baroness shows up with the Weed-G Board. This Black Witch convinces them to ask questions of the board. "What are you chicken? The dead speak to this board. Are you scared?" After they fall into her game, they find that they've unleashed from the board some small monsters called Weejies who are out for blood and mayhem. These fiendish creatures must be destroyed by midnight or our four hosts will find themselves trapped in the board. You must play to the end. The chase and the hunt are on; craziness and chaos follow.

The movie has great colour in the sets and costumes, lots of headbanging rock music, sexy talk and jokes, but the stars of the show are the wonderful puppet creatures. If you remember the poster for the movie Ghoulies, with that weird evil-looking creature crawling out of the toilet bowl, you'll have a good idea what these ghoulies, gremlins and mini monsters look like. This is a fun film for this holiday season. It's aimed at a younger crowd and is probably best enjoyed when viewed through the smoky haze from a big fat blunt.

Weedjies: Halloweed Night is now available on the Full Moon Features Channel and App, as well as Full Moon's Amazon Prime channel.

Recommended Release: Ghoulies

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