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The first trailer for the BBCs new adaptation of H.G. Wells War of the Worlds. The coolest thing about this new adaptation is that they're going back to the period in which it was originally set.

The trailer looks like pretty great actually!

In London during the Edwardian era, George and Amy's attempt to start a life together is interrupted by a Martian invasion of Earth.

An official release date has not been set but earlier reports expected it to be late 2019.

Check out the trailer below.

Recommended Release: War of the Worlds

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wa5 (2 years ago) Reply

Please oh Please don't let them ruin it like they did Day of the Triffids or the Survivors.


Speedy (2 years ago) Reply

I watched the first ep last night.
Interesting changes to the story.
I am wondering if one of the main characters is a coward, given how many people they abandon.

Effects are good, the Tripods look cool (And seem functional).
The biggest change is the cylinders...

Also, are all English men of this period total buffoons?


frodo (2 years ago) Reply

I watched the low budget WOTW from 2005 in preparation for this new 'authentic' version by the BBC. I was disappointed in their Day of the Triffids but thought I'd give it a go as they might have learned a thing or two by now. I had to tolerate lots of terrible stuff in the 2005 version, but its heart was in the right place.
As for the new series; The setting is excellent, some small visual twists on the original at the start making me more interested, such as the heat ray, but overall the script and story are too self-conscious and instead of approaching the original story and characters in their historical contexts, the writers seem to have been infected with agendas which look dated even now as things like equality and colonialism are just starting to redress the balance in the first world. If you still believe Columbus 'discovered' America rather than invade it, then you might like it more than me.
The second episode is more mediocre with the same clumsiness of inserting present-day issues into historical cultures without subtext, grace or intelligence.
We'll have to wait another decade or so for a better version as mainstream entertainment gets over its present phase of inherently obvious imbalances in society being used clumsily by idiot writers. I'm sure folk will look back at today's mainstream with the same feelings as us looking back at the screaming damsels being abducted by men in rubber suits.

Watch the 2005 non-Spielberg one but you have to tolerate the cheap production and acting like with the 1970s BBC Tripods saga, but once you accept its limits it's got more spirit and love of Wells than this tripe.

No wonder the BBC haven't aired it in the UK yet, and haven't given a release date. Oh well, at least we still have the book :)

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