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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.05.19] horror

Listen. I think I know how you feel. The last thing you want to see is yet another remake of the slasher classic Black Christmas but just stick with me for a minute because this new iteration of the story is not exactly what you might expect.

Written by April Wolfe and Sophia Takal and directed by Takal who impressed with Always Shine (review) a few years ago, the movie stars Imogen Poots as the kick-ass protagonist but this time, she bands the sisters together to take down the masked killer.

This is definitely not the Black Christmas of old.

While a straight remake holds little interest I must admit that this new twist on the classic story is welcome and the added fact that it comes from a team of female creators adds an extra layer of intrigue. It may boil down to just another slasher movie but at least this time, the killer gets what's coming to - presumably - him.

Black Christmas opens December 13.

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