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John Connor [Celluloid 09.04.19] action thriller

The hitman thriller Assassins will have a home entertainment release this September. Starring Bill Oberst Jr. (3 from Hell) and Stephen Katz (Mobsters Kids), this title focuses on Chris (David Pesta) and the dangerous world he finds himself in. When both an assassin and a bounty hunter come looking for him, Chris must confront the death of his girlfriend, while trying to stay alive.

Assassins will be out on Digital and on DVD this September 3rd.

Life changed for Chris on a Thursday evening, 7:15 to be exact. This is the moment his ex-girlfriend was brutally murdered. But worse than that, he is haunted by the face of a man he saw away from her building. Now, his world has come crashing down.

And it's not about to get better as he suddenly finds himself the unwilling pawn in a bloody power struggle between a dangerous bounty hunter and a ruthless assassin. Both are targeting him for knowledge he doesn’t have!

Indican Pictures will release this film this week. To show on DVD for the first time and on more Digital platforms (Amazon), Assassins is an indie thriller full of action. A crime thriller with a twist, Assassins will be available for thriller audiences this September 3rd.

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