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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.08.19] horror

It's always a good time for a solid horror movie but with Halloween around the corner, it's no surprise that we're seeing more and more horror-themed movies coming out. Case in point: Haunt.

Written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, best known for writing A Quiet Place, stars Katie Stevens, Will Brittain, and Lauryn Alisa McClain among a few others, as a group of friends who encounter an "extreme" haunted house attraction. It starts off fairly tame ("Is this supposed to be scary?" one of them asks) but their night of light scares turns deadly when the group realizes that the monsters are real.

The trailer for Haunt suggests this is going to be a pretty brutal affair and the fact that the movie is produced by Eli Roth further supports that though. Frankly, my interest in graphic horror just for the hell of it has waned quite a bit over the years and this story doesn't offer up much else of interest.

Haunt opens theatrically and will be available on VOD and digital on September 13; early enough to whet your appetite for Halloween.

Recommended Release: Hell House LLC

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