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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.09.19] scifi

The transfer of consciousness from one body to another has long been a popular trope of science fiction and horror but in the realm of science fiction, that trope is often tied into some distant future where the tech is almost just a side plot in a larger story. That's certainly not the case in Yedidya Gorsetman's Empathy, Inc..

Set in the present, the movie centers around a down-on-his-luck venture capitalist named Joel who invests in some new technology being developed by a company called Empathy, Inc..

Known as Extreme Virtual Reality or XVR, the tech is said to offer the most realistic VR experiences by placing users in the lives of the less fortunate but Joel soon comes to realize that the company co-founders have far more nefarious plans in mind for their cutting edge tech.

One of the most intriguing things about Empathy, Inc. is that the movie appears to marry some pretty big ideas about consciousness transference with technology which looks a bit familiar and that combination makes for a sci-fi movie that feels a bit too real for comfort.

Empathy, Inc. opens theatrically on September 13 with a VOD release to follow on September 24.

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