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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.22.19] Germany thriller drama crime

German director Fatih Akin doesn't make easy movies (case in point: In the Fade) but his latest may be the most divisive so far.

The Golden Glove is a biopic of real-life serial killer Fritz Honka whose hunting ground was early 1970s Hamburg. His victims of choice were older women whom he seduced, brought into his attic loft and eventually killed. The movie stars a nearly unrecognizable Jonas Dassler as Honka.

No stranger to controversy Akin's latest was met by derision when it premiered earlier this year, in competition no less, at the Berlin Film Festival and while it's continued to play festivals since it's premiere in February, the responses from critics and viewers alike haven't been particularly kind.

One of the things I like about Akin's work is that he's not afraid to present complicated individuals with all of their flaws on display and from the trailer, it seems The Golden Glove fits his MO and what's more, it certainly doesn't look like he's glamorizing Honka's actions.

We'll have a chance to see just how far The Golden Glove goes when the movie opens in select theatres on September 27.

Recommended Release: In the Fade

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