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John Connor [Celluloid 06.21.19] horror

Terror Films is teaming up with BingeWave to provide a theatrical experience for a slate of fifteen indie horror films, from the Terror Films’ library.

The list of films includes Terror Films’ top performers. Films to show via BingeWave include The House on Pine Street, Hell House LLC and Savageland. Also to host on BingeWave, Terror Films will bring their original titles Trace and Patient Seven.

Terror Films’ President Joe Dain had this to say about the partnership: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our filmmakers to not only have their films screened in a theatrical setting and tap into a new fan base, but it also provides a unique marketing strategy to drive more awareness and traffic to the many digital platforms these films are available on.”

BingeWave CEO and founder Devin Dixon also spoke of this theatrical partnership: “BingeWave is excited to partner with Terror Films in bringing horror films to a new cinematic-like experience. We envision this partnership benefiting the horror fan by creating a stronger and more vibrant film community, access to amazing content and more affordable ticket prices - especially in big cities like New York.”

Horror fans will have more opportunities to see these films in the Big Apple and beyond.

The screening events will take place in various cities and venues across the country.

Screenings will also occur over the next 6 months, with each title’s release date and venue promoted across social media and the official BingeWave website (linked above).

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