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John Connor [Celluloid 02.28.19] action comedy thriller crime

Indie distributer Global Digital Releasing has teamed up with Kevin Interdonato’s Rock n’ Tape Films to release the action-packed crime thriller Dirty Dead Con Men, available on Digital platforms, for the first time now.

Marie-Grete Heinemann's throwback to the fast-talking crime films of Roderiguez and Tarantino stars Peter Dobson, Kevin Interdonato, Claudia Christian, Louis Mandylor and Kristen Dalton. The script was also co-written by Interdonato.

Dirty Dead Con Men involves a rogue undercover cop and a charismatic con man who have a system of ripping off those operating outside of the law for their own personal gain. But things go awry when a heist sucks them deep into a citywide conspiracy, leaving them both framed for crimes they didn't commit.

The duo must find out who's conning them in order to protect themselves and the ones they love.

The thriller is available on Vudu, iTunes and Amazon Prime - with additional platforms set to follow at a later date.

Check out the trailer below:

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