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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.16.19] Canada comedy drama

The lost-at-sea trope usually plays out as a horror, thriller, drama or a combination of the three but comedy isn't, generally speaking, thrown into the mix.

Enter writer/director Rob Grant with his new feature Harpoon.

Starring Munro Chambers (Turbo Kid), Emily Tyra (Code Black), and Christopher Gray ("The Mist"), the movie is described as a "dark comedy about the rivalries, dark secrets, and sexual tension that amount when three best friends find themselves stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean under suspicious circumstances."

Though the first teaser trailer doesn't really provide much in the way of anything story-wise, I do love that it plays nothing like a comedy and therefore, I'm intrigued.

Harpoon will be making its world premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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