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John Connor [Celluloid 01.29.19] horror thriller

Indican Pictures will release the new indie thriller Wronged on February 8 in Michigan theaters before it hits DVD and digital platforms on February 26, 2019.

Dead set in the "hillbilly horror" genre a la Wrong Turn series and looks to be a brutal entry from writer/director Nicholas Holland. Holland is also a member of the rock band "Sunlight's Bane".

After suffering a miscarriage, David and Andrea’s lives are in a downward spiral. When their marriage counselor suggests a weekend getaway, neither has any idea of the nightmare awaiting them.

When they arrive they are not welcomed by the locals who stalk and savagely attack them in the woods. Trying to flee, they find themselves surrounded by unforgiving nature and chased by a madman! Their weekend getaway turns into a fight for survival with a very surprising result.

Wronged stars Grover McCants (Devil’s Night), Dan Davies (West of Thunder), Wayne E. Brown and Shaun O’Malley.

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