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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.10.18] United Kingdom scifi animation thriller

Writer/director Álvaro García really impressed with his post-apocalyptic short film debut Sumer (see the film) and now García is back with his highly anticipated follow-up The Seed of Juna.

Unfolding in a new universe, The Seed of Juna follows Juna, a rebellious young woman who has been reborn into a different part of the universe after being killed on Earth by the ruling religious sect. In her new, reborn life, she experiences some unexpected revelations which lead her to think that perhaps staying dead was a better option.

Though currently shaping up as a short film, García has developed an entire universe and back-story to the project which he hopes to expand to either a full-length feature or a television series.

The trailer and stills for The Seed of Juna look very promising. Here's hoping we'll get a chance to see the project when it makes the festival rounds next year.

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