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One of the most interesting titles to come from this year's Edinburgh International Film Festival is writer/director Matthew Holness' Possum.

Our very own Simon Read praised the movie for its atmosphere and staying power and judging from the first trailer, it certainly looks like a must-see.

Possum stars the genius Sean Harris as a disgraced puppeteer who returns to his dilapidated childhood home in an effort to deal with his troubled past. The movie also stars Alun Armstrong as his father.

I was all over this when I saw Sean Harris' name. Over the last few years, he has proven to be a consistently interesting and engaging performer in a wide variety of roles, the two that notably wowed me were "Southcliffe" and "The Borgias." The mysterious description and now this atmospheric trailer is icing on the cake.

Possum will be available in select cinemas and on demand in the UK on October 26.

Recommended Release: Southcliffe

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