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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.14.18] comedy thriller

Just when you thought we were done with movies about the housing crash of 2009, in comes Danny McBride with a "gone-bad from the beginning" plan to get revenge.

Written by "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "30 Rock" producer Luke Del Tredici and directed by the genius behind "Vice Principals" Jonathan Watson, Arizona stars Rosemarie DeWitt as Cassie, a struggling real estate agent trying to stay afloat amidst the collapse of her business.

McBride plays Sonny, a disgruntled client who confronts Cassie's boss, kidnaps Cassie and her daughter and then proceeds to make a series of really bad decisions which only make his situation worse.

Arizona also stars Luke Wilson, Kaitlin Olson, David Alan Grier and Elizabeth Gillies.

McBride is really hit-and-miss for me but as a big fan of the darkly comedic brilliance of "Vice Principals," I'm more than happy to give this one a go.

Arizona will open theatrically and be available on demand and in digital HD on August 24.

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