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The plot of The Padre is not new but there's something to be said for a really great cast having a bit of fun and that looks to be the case in The Padre.

Tim Roth stars as "The Padre," a small-time con man on the run, posing as a priest in a Columbian town. Hot on his trail are a retired US Marshal (Nick Nolte) looking for revenge and his hired gun (Luis Guzman).

As if being on the run alone isn't bad enough, Padre gets himself into even more trouble when he is blackmailed by a teen girl (Valeria Henriquez) into doing a job together.

Tim Roth and Luis Guzman are generally solid performers and they certainly seem to be on the ball here. The wildcard is Nolte who can be hit and miss though in this instance, he seems to have the grizzled law enforcement officer down pat.

The Padre will be available on VOD August 8, theatrically on September 28 and on DVD October 30.

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