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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.25.18] Russia scifi action thriller adventure

"A video game designer is stripped of his identity and recruited by a mysterious force to be the gatekeeper of a multi-dimensional portal." in this epic Russian sci-fi film.

Fans of Timur Bekmambetov's Russian vampire series, Night Watch will be excited to hear about this one. Rough Copy comes from a book by the popular Russian author Sergei Lukianenko, who wrote the books those movies are based on.

Rough Copy, is based on another of Lukianenko's books and looks like a wild ride based on the first trailer below. A big budget blockbuster with lots of visual FX and action sequences, the film also focuses on parallel worlds.

Kirill's life is perfect: young, talented, loving parents, well-paid job, beautiful girlfriend. Until one day when he is suddenly erased from everyone’s memory and is forgotten by everyone he knew... Looking for the explanation Kirill finds out that he's been chosen to serve as a gate keeper between the parallel worlds, and that there are dozens of such worlds in the Universe.

Can Kirill solve the puzzle of parallel worlds, find out who is the mastermind behind the mission he is now a crucial part of and get his life back? Or may be the world we live in is just an imaginary “rough draft” that doesn’t really exist?!

Take a look at the trailer below via Screen Anarchy.

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MrSatyre (4 years ago) Reply

Jeebuz. Could that trailer be any longer and give any less away? No, and no.

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