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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.24.18] Canada post apocalyptic scifi thriller

The Vault is a Canadian post-apocalyptic sci-Fi web series about a ragtag group of survivors forced to live in an underground military base known as "The Vault".

The series is directed by Sara Martins.

Official Synopsis:
Air force pilot NATHANIEL HALE wakes up to find himself in The Vault. A state of the art military bunker buried deep beneath the earth to protect the last of humanity from an unknown enemy.

The series is produced by Lost Journey Productions Inc.

Find out more on their website and check out the trailer below which features some pretty amazing visuals for an indie production.

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fendell (4 years ago) Reply

Why is impossible to find decent actors?


lotus eater (3 years ago) Reply

We are all great thespians on the stage of life.


Fendell (3 years ago) Reply

Thats nice. but you also make no sense. The acting sucks. Simple as that.

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