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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.16.18] Australia post apocalyptic

Despite the success of Mad Max:Fury Road, I always thought a sequel to Miller's fourth movie was unlikely, at least in the foreseeable future, but everyone kept talking about it like it was a done deal. Well maybe now some reality will set in as George Miller's production company is taking Warner Bros. to court in what looks like a messy lawsuit.

The director’s production company, Kennedy Miller Mitchell is suing the studio for unpaid earnings on the post-apocalyptic movie and both parties are not playing nice.

Miller is accusing Warner Bros. of “high-handed, insulting or reprehensible” behavior and refusing to pay a $9 million bonus fee for delivering the movie under budget. Kennedy Miller Mitchell claims it delivered the movie under the agreed budget of $157 million while the studio is saying it cost $185.1 million.

As an added f-U to Miller, Warner Bros. filed their own lawsuit claiming that Kennedy Miller Mitchell broke their contract to deliver a 100-minute movie with a PG-13 rating when Miller turned in a 120 minute movie with an R rating.

Jesus, everyone. The film was a huge hit. You all made out like kings. Accept that and let's make another one already. I don't know about you, but I don't want to have to wait another 20 years for a Mad Max movie.

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Via: Sydney Morning Herald

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RayGun (4 years ago) Reply

Now that you mention it. Why did the movie get an R rating? There was no nudity or cussing. The violence wasn't over the top to justify an R rating; I've seen worse in PG-13 movies (Die Hard 4).


Wumpus (4 years ago) Reply

Good question!


wa5 (4 years ago) Reply

Loved the first three, Fury road has been on TV, playing quietly behind me, and I have not bothered to watch more than a few minutes. For some reason, it just never appeals to me, I couldn't care less if they made another or not, Just out of interest, I live less then a mile from the location of the sand / crashed plane scenes in MM3.


estrus (4 years ago) Reply

well, based on their recent DC masterpieces, it's obvious WB has a good grasp on the industry.

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