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Hotel Artemis feels like it could be an extension of the Continental Hotel in John Wick. You buy a membership, it has some rules and you obey them or you get excommunicated.

But rather than being a full-service hotel/armory/tailor, The Artemis is a full-service medical facility for those of ill-repute. When you get shot on your heist, you call the Artemis to let them know you're coming and you roll in to have your injuries fixed up. That's exactly how the trailer for this starts.

Sterling K. Brown is robbing a bank. The heist goes sideways and he takes his injured buddies to the Artemis where the medical professional on hand, played by Jodie Foster, fixes, them up. Turns out during the robbery, Brown has taken a pen which the other bad guys really want to get back and those guys, led by Jeff Goldblum, descend on the hotel forcing the other guests, including Sofia Boutella and Charlie Day, fight back. The movie also stars Dave Bautista, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto and Kenneth Choi.

Writer/director Drew Pearce is best known for his work as a screenwriter on Iron Man Three and Mission Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation and though he's directed a couple of short projects, this is his feature debut.

The hotel looks adequately grimy and I like the concept but the thing that really caught my attention here is Boutella who is building a reputation for herself as a kick-ass female lead and she certainly does a lot of ass-kicking in the trailer.

Hotel Artemis opens July 20.

Recommended Release: John Wick

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