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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.10.18] post apocalyptic scifi action thriller adventure

James Franco's post-apocalyptic Future World is getting a bad rep, but the star studded Mad Max-lite is back with another trailer and a new poster.

Future World was co-directed by filmmaker Bruce Thierry Cheung (Don't Come Back from the Moon). The screenplay is written by Jeremy Cheung, Jay Davis, and Bruce Thierry Cheung.

A young boy's mother is dying and beyond the capabilities of any local medicine. Desperate for an answer, the boy travels across the barren future world wasteland, scavenging for a cure that is only rumored to exist. His will and perseverance will be tested as he strives to protect his family.

Lionsgate will release Future World in theaters on May 25th

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MichaelRAllen (2 years ago) Reply

I would last 2 hours in this Future World.

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