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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.18.18] Germany scifi thriller dystopic

Looking at Andrew Niccol's filmography, it's clear he has an interest in technology and how it affects us now and in the future. From Gattaca on, this has been a central theme in his films and though The Host was a tiny misstep, even that carried through on Niccol's obvious fascination/fear of what technology will do to humanity. His latest is no different.

Anon takes place in a future where privacy is non-existent and someone is always watching. Clive Owen plays a detective working in this new reality when a murder suggests that someone has unlocked the ability to hack a person's brain and control what they see. Amanda Seyfried plays a woman who has mastered the art of anonymity and she'll do whatever it takes to stay anonymous.

In addition to Syefried and Owen, the movie also starts the great Colm Feore.

I love Niccol's work and am thrilled to see him returning to a sci-fi universe and I'm even happy to see him re-teaming with Seyfried. The pair previously worked together in In Time.

Anon opens May 11.

Recommended Release: Gattaca

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