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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.15.18] Dominican Republic scifi comedy thriller

Dominican filmmaker Héctor Valdez has a new time-travel romantic comedy film coming out called Peaches, which channels the same kind of fun that Nacho Vigalondo has playing around and mixing genres as with Timecrimes or Extraterrestrial.

The cast includes Peter Vives as Diego, Joaquín Ferreira as Sandro, María Guinea as Laura, with Frank Perozo and Ramón Langa.

Somewhere in the Caribbean, in a future that never was: Diego and Laura go out on a weekend getaway in the hopes of rekindling their relationship. Upon their arrival, they soon find their motel completely abandoned. Not one to easily give up, Diego attempts to win Laura's affections. He fails continuously and the arrival of Sandro, Laura's ex boyfriend, obliterates Diego's chances at a reconciliation completely.

Diego will find himself reliving his failure over and over and will try any means necessary to succeed at winning Laura back: even if it means competing with different versions of himself when traveling through time.

This looks great, but we have no idea when it's coming out.

Thanks to Firstshowing for the heads up.

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SteelInc. (4 years ago) Reply

This is literally a copy of The Infinite Man (2014):

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