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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.09.18] scifi thriller

Eddie Alcazar may not be a known commodity yet but that's likely about to change; at least in the circles of film fans who like their movies a little cryptic and experimental because Alcazar's feature film debut Perfect looks like it fits into both categories.

Garrett Wareing stars as Vessel 13, a young man with a violent past who is sent to a clinic where his body and mind are transformed using genetic engineering but as the trailer suggests, the genetic changes are doing more harm than good.

The movie also stars Courtney Eaton, Abbie Cornish as the mysterious "Mother," and Flying Lotus who is also providing the movie's futuristic sounds.

The trailer for Perfect is a sensory overload of sound and images, a combination of sleek visuals and lo-fi sci-fi which I really like and which reminds me a little of Beyond the Black Rainbow which isn't a bad thing (yes, that movie's been on my mind a whole lot lately).

Perfect will make it's debut at SXSW and with Steven Soderbergh's seal of approval already on the project, it's only a matter of time before we hear of some sort of release, even if only on VOD.

Recommended Release: Gattaca

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Manbeast (3 years ago) Reply

Mister Alcazar had the greatest trailer of all times with the 0000. Shame that it did not come to fruition.

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