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John Connor [Celluloid 03.16.18] horror thriller fantasy

The feature debut from Fritz Böhm, Wildling is a spellbinding take on the werewolf legend starring Independent Spirit Award Nominee Bel Powley (The Diary of a Teenage Girl) and Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings), Brad Dourif (Death Machine).

IFC Midnight will release Wildling in theaters in New York and on VOD and Digital HD on April 13, 2018 with theatrical expansion in Los Angeles on April 20, 2018.

Wildling is a unique dark fantasy tale centered on young Anna (Powley) who has been raised in isolation by a man she knows only as Daddy (Dourif) who has done everything possible to conceal the truth about the girl’s origins from her.

But when the teenage Anna is suddenly thrust into the real world under the protection of no-nonsense police officer Ellen Cooper (Tyler), it soon becomes clear that the young woman is far from ordinary. Unable to adjust to a normal life, Anna finds herself drawn instead to the wild freedom of the forest while struggling to resist the growing bloodlust that has awakened inside her.

Wildling is having its world premier at SXSW. Check out the trailer below.

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