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John Connor [Celluloid 02.16.18] horror thriller

Severed Silence, written by Kathryn Michelle (Criminal Minds) and Elizabeta Vidovic (May I Die), who also both direct, tells the story of a family’s desperate battle to survive a forbidden gypsy curse, released as a result of an unimaginable betrayal.

The film is produced by Mem Ferda and stars Izabela Vidovic (Wonder, The Fosters) Maiara Walsh (The Last Ship, Zombieland) and Adam Huss (Power).

A young Talitha sneaks away from her Romani engagement celebrations to meet with Tamas, her best friends husband. While experiencing an uninhibited moment of passion with him, she is discovered by her best friend Aishe (Izabela Vidoviz), and Tamas is accidentally killed.

Enraged, Aishe announces that death is too good for her and begins to place a forbidden curse on Talitha’s immediate bloodline. Struggling to stop her from finishing the final words, Talitha stabs Aishe in the eye, killing her instantly.
Talitha’s sister, Nadya, rushes in to find the bloody scene, and realizes the severity of Aishe’s actions. In an effort to keep Aishe’s spirit from finishing the curse, she severs Talitha’s arm with a hatchet and places it over Aishe’s body inside a freshly dug grave. The sisters make a vow to protect the land her body is buried on, so the curse can never take hold of their family.

Producer Mem Ferda (Smoking Guns, Plastic) commented, "Severed Silence challenges the complex topics of pitiless revenge, disloyalty, and family mysteries."

A tragic love story set against a backdrop of Romani culture, brings us a horror film like no other’.

Directors Kathryn and Elizabeta commented, “We wanted to stay true to life, in that all of our characters are faulty and have made some grave mistakes. In protecting themselves, our characters actually become their own prisoners. No one is safe, because the true enemy is unknown."

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