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Movies about sexual predators tend to follow a pattern but Carlos and Jason Sanchez's Allure (review), tackles the subject matter from a different perspective.

Previously known as A Worthy Companion, Allure stars Evan Rachel Wood as Laura, a young woman with substance abuse issues who, when she's capable of it, works for her father's cleaning company (played by the great Denis O'Hare). While out on a job, she meets Eva (Julia Sarah Stone), an overprotected teenage girl craving attention which Laura is more than happy to provide. When Eva has a falling out with her mom, Laura steps in and convinces Eva to leave home and move in with her.

What begins as a possibly inappropriate friendship between the two women quickly develops into a romantic relationship and the further the relationship devolves, the more insight we get into how broken both women are and how personal pain turns into abuse.

Allure is a difficult tale of love, self-loathing and perpetuating abuse which also happens to feature two outstanding performances from the leads, particularly Wood who is absolutely fearless in an unforgiving role.

Allue will open theatrically and be available on VOD March 16.

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