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John Connor [Celluloid 01.15.18] horror thriller

Gas Money Pictures is planning the World Premiere of The Campus in late January and we've got your first look at the horror/thriller right here!

The film, written and directed by Jason Horton is being described as a genre-bending thriller ride, deftly combining sub-genres such as body horror, zombies, ghosts and monsters.

Robert dies after breaking his deal with the Devil, bringing his daughter home for the funeral. Morgan arrives with the intent of ripping off the family business but soon finds herself in a never-ending cycle of terror; being brutally murdered then resurrected over and over again - each time losing another piece of her soul.

The Campus will also show through Video-on-demand. After the theatrical premiere on January 27th and lasting to February 1st, The Campus will be available on Amazon Instant on February 1st, exclusively, and then hit iTunes etc. February 1.

The red carpet event will take place at the Arena Cinelounge, on Sunset in Los Angeles. You can find more details on the film's Facebook page.

Check out the trailer!

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