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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.12.17] post apocalyptic scifi dystopic

Wil Magness' evocative post-apocalyptic short The Manual take place in a dystopian future where the last human is raised by a machine. As he struggles with the loneliness of no human interaction, he questions the teachings of a mysterious religious 'Manual' which the machine claims is holy.

In an interview with Evan C. over at The Wastes, Magness says, "There isn’t a lot of the classic post apocalyptic tropes like zombies or human vs. human survival," as he wanted to do something unique involving human's modern relationship with technology.

"In modern society, people struggle with loneliness and isolation while being surrounded by devices ironically meant as means of connection. We took these feelings to a literal place by making our character the only person left on Earth struggling to connect with his origins through a machine."

The Manual will see release in full following it's festival run.

Check out the trailer below.

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