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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.08.17] horror vampires

I discovered "Vampire: The Eternal Struggle" in my early teens, an extension of my obsession over Anne Rice and all things vampire. I eventually graduated to the world of "Vampire: The Masquerade," but my first obsession was the CCG and I spent more of my teenage cash than I wish to admit on building a deck.

It was a while before I realized that the games were merely an extension of a much larger universe but by that point, World of Darkness had already morphed and embedded itself so deep into popular culture that it seemed ubiquitous.

With his new documentary World of Darkness, Giles Alderson sets off to take us behind the scenes of the game that changed the world of gaming and influenced culture.

Alderson tracks the early days of World of Darkness, from inception and rise to prominence, to its fall in popularity and rise once again including interviews with game creators, industry insiders and players providing what appears to be the must see doc for fans of "World of Darkness" or a crash course for those with a passing interest.

World of Darkness is currently making the film festival rounds.

Recommended Release: Kindred: The Embraced

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MichaelRAllen (5 years ago) Reply

Give me an "n" (in the title).


Marina (5 years ago) Reply

No idea *what* you're talking about lol


Wumpus (5 years ago) Reply

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is still a great (computer) game. That is my only experience with this "world", but it was a very positive one.


Genius (5 years ago) Reply

It has a lot of ideas for a film. Let's push someone to do it, Hollyweird would just screw it up. Needs to be someone in Europe or Russia.
A new Vampire movie. I did and still do love Last Vampire.

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