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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.06.17] scifi thriller

The Man from Outer Space is a science fiction adventure from writer/director Ben Hall. Indican Pictures recently nabbed the film for a November release and the first trailer has arrived!

Starring Christopher Mychael Watson (Guide to Black History) and Erica Auerbach (You Can Do Better), The Man from Outer Space tells two stories as a struggling artist searches for inspiration beyond-the-stars.

Director Ben Hall developed the script from his own writing experiences. The story centres on protagonist Louis who, when forced to come up with something ground-breaking, feels the pressure to make it in his highly competitive field. His new family wants his time and attention, while his work wants a new screenplay. So, Louis takes his material to a new universe. Here, Louis finds new challenges, in a strange environment on another planet - like no other.

The Man from Outer Space hits November 7th through Video-on-demand and home video including Amazon.

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