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John Connor [Celluloid 10.31.17] horror

Cleopatra Entertainment will release THE RIFT: DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, a new horror/thriller about a team of US and Serbian agents dispatched to an American military satellite crash site where all is not as it seems on November 28. The film is directed by Dejan Zecevic and stars Ken Foree, Katarina Cas, Monte Markham and Dragan Micanovic.

THE RIFT will also have a DVD release date of December 12th.

The film follows a sleeper CIA agent in Belgrade who is one of many agents dispatched to secure the remains of a crash landed satellite somewhere in Eastern Serbia. When the team finally reaches the crash site, they discover the satellite has vanished and eventually find themselves battling evil forces to unlock the terrifying truth behind their ill-fated mission.

THE RIFT: DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is written by Barry Keating and Milan Konjevic and is produced by Marko Jocic and Milan Todorovic.

Recommended Release: Apollo 18

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calba. (2 years ago) Reply

just watched The Rift, Dark side of the moon. The worst movie I've ever seen. Each actor has one facial expression; dialogue is dreadful; acting is worse. And what's with the shots of the buggy eyes? There's a chunk of time I won't get back.

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