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John Connor [Celluloid 10.26.17] Japan scifi horror action thriller

Produced by Toho Animation and Polygon Pictures, Godzilla: Planet of Monsters jumps forward into a future where humanity has been defeated by kaiju, led by Godzilla. With the planet out of their control, the remnants of humanity scour the universe for a new planet but unable to find a replacement for earth, they revert to Plan B: kill Godzilla and the rest of the kaiju.

Godzilla: Planet of Monsters opens theatrically in Japan on November 17 with a Netflix release to follow.

Since it was first released as a feature film in 1954, “Godzilla” has become a colossal cultural icon loved by millions around the world. The 2016 release of “SHIN GODZILLA”, directed by Hideaki Anno, reinvigorated the franchise with a novel and realistic depiction of the iconic monster story, earning 82.5 million US dollars at the box-office and capturing the imagination of new and old fans alike. Now in 2017, GODZILLA evolves in an unexpected direction as a feature-length animated film.

The animated movie takes the franchise into uncharted territory — a harsh world of the future in which Godzilla has dominated the Earth for the past 20,000 years, and a fateful final confrontation with mankind looms. Prepare for the earth-shattering roar of a brand new GODZILLA, unlike anything heard or seen before.

The first trailer for Godzilla: Planet of The Monsters didn't include any English subtitles OR many monsters, but this trailer fixes at least one of those things.

Damn this thing looks fun.

Recommended Release: Godzilla (Criterion Collection)

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Genius (4 years ago) Reply

One of the Reasons I keep Netflix is because they release new movies like this on it. and of course to support their efforts.

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