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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.07.17] Spain scifi thriller

It seems like I've been following the progress of Cold Skin, one of Xavier Gens' latest projects (he has no less than 3 which are due sometime this year or early next), for years.

The French director best known for Frontier(s) (review) and The Divide (review), not to mention one of my personal faves and a movie I think is completely underrated: Hitman, has been tasked with adapting Catalan author Albert Sanchez Pinol's best selling novel of the same name.

The movie stars David Oakes (a staple of period dramas on British TV) as a young man who decides to escape the brutality of the world by taking on a post as a weather observer on a remote island close to the Antarctic Circle. He's sent to replace the current weather observer, played by a nearly unrecognizable Ray Stevenson, who has turned savage. During his first night on the island, the new weather official is attacked by creatures from the sea but as it turns out, the mysterious sea creatures may not be all bad.

The first look at Cold Skin comes from Spain and includes a pretty bad dub job but the movie has a beautiful dark visual to it not to mention a really great cast. Add to that Gens and I'm all in.

Cold Skin premiered earlier this year at L'Etrange Festival and is scheduled to play Sitges in October. No US premiere date has been set. estrena el tráiler final de 'La piel fría', la adaptación de la novela de Sánchez Piñol

Recommended Release: The Divide

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Holy crap. Looks amazing!


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