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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.31.17] scifi thriller

Earlier this year, director Tommy Wirkola's latest film (he of Dead Snow fame) Seven Sisters premiered in France to fairly positive reviews. The sci-fi thriller stars Noomi Rapace who continues to star in interesting thrillers - even if they don't always pan out - as septuplets born in a near future where overpopulation has become such a huge problem that a one-child-per-family policy has been introduced and is strictly enforced.

The seven sisters alternate sharing a public identity, each going out on the day of the week that corresponds with their name. One day, Monday doesn't come home and the other sisters come up with a plan to save her.

Along with Rapace, the movie also stars Glenn Close, and Willem Dafoe.

The project was picked up by Netflix a few months back and renamed What Happened to Monday. At the time, they did not announce a release date for the film but that changed today when a new trailer was revealed for the movie.

The new trailer is a little more action packed than the first but between the two, it looks like we're in for a solid sci-fi thriller.

What Happened to Monday will be available on Netflix August 18.

Recommended Release: Dead Snow

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Genius (4 years ago) Reply

Fesbender blows people away with his acting of playing two different androids in Alien Covenant.

But Repace does one up and plays Seven Sisters!!!!!

I am looking forward to this movie.


Wumpus (4 years ago) Reply

Pretty unimpressive on a scale of 1 to Malkovich.


Genius (4 years ago) Reply

This movie was hardcore kick ass!!!
very emotional too.

Repace should win an award!

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