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Star Trek is one of those franchises that simply refuses to die and I'm not certain if that's a good or bad thing.

CBS' "Star Trek: Discovery" has hit some difficult patches since the series was originally announced. Besides the fact the new show is destined to air on the network's streaming only service, the loss of showrunner extraordinaire Bryan Fuller (he of "Wonderfalls," "Pushing Daisies," "Hannibal," and most recently "American Gods" fame) didn't help the project any.

News of the cast did seem like a move in the right direction with the great Michelle Yeoh leading the crew as Captain Georgiou along with Sonequa Martin-Green ("The Walking Dead") as her apparent second in command, along with Jason Isaacs and one of my personal favorites, James Frain.

The first trailer suggests that the studio certainly isn't skimping on the grandeur of the show with great looking visual effects and a plethora of aliens on display but as excited as I am about the prospect of new Trek with a new female captain, I'm still concerned about the show's presentation. You can't sell a streaming service on one TV show and the concept that we'll need to subscribe to yet another service to watch it does not bode well. They may get Trekkies and Trekkers on board but as we've already discovered, that's not enough to sustain a franchise.

CBS must certainly be happy with what they've seen of the show so far; originally set for 13 episodes, they've upped the season one order to 15.

"Star Trek: Discovery" will launch this fall.

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zaphod777 (5 years ago) Reply

That trailer did nothing for me.


Wumpus (5 years ago) Reply

I'm quite impressed. The production value looks really high, and I think they've managed to give it a different *feel* from what's been done before with Trek. Well, not that different from the new movies, I guess, but certainly different from any of the TV series.


Genius (5 years ago) Reply

For TV? Visuals are really impressive.

One thing the vibe is sort of unemotional. Maybe it will take few episodes for the whole crew to glue together.

understand what zaphod777 is saying.

Music is flat lacks Any kind of Melodic Motif and better not have anything to do with the Show!

Arcons and Space.


Michael (5 years ago) Reply

Michelle Yeoh has gravitas but the other captain has none. She is an empty vessel. A bad PC move that will backfire.

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