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Marina Antunes [Cathode Ray Mission 05.11.17] scifi horror

It seems to me George R.R. Martin is trying really hard to be the new king of writers working in TV. He's apparently involved with two of the four "Game of Thrones" spin-off projects currently vying to take over for the show once it's off the air and now there's news that Syfy wants in on some of the Martin action too.

For its 25th anniversary, the channel is looking to gamble big on original programming and one of the projects they're flexing their muscle on is "Nightflyers." Based on a novella by Martin, the story is set in the future and follows eight scientists who, on the eve of Eart's destruction, journey on humanity's most advanced spacecraft to intercept an alien spaceship which may hold the answers to saving humanity.

The material was previously adapted in the 80s. That low-budget extravaganza is rather terrible but that doesn't detract from the fact the concept is a good one and has potential for an interesting show and with executive producers which include Doug Liman (Go, Edge of Tomorrow) and the executive producers of Jacob's Ladder, I'm definitely curious to see how it pans out.

For fun, the trailer for the original adaptation is below.

Recommended Release: Nightflyers

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Genius (3 years ago) Reply

He seems to be doing everything but finish the Books Song of Ice and Fire.(Game of Thrones)
Keeping creative keeping busy is good though.


mrkenray (3 years ago) Reply

OMG, that 80's trailer!!! Michael De Barres, the guy who wrote that 80's pop song "Obsession"!! He also had a fake glam band called "Silverhead" - trashy but fun.

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