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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.05.17] scifi action thriller adventure

Shane Abbess is back with a pulpy new space opera called The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume 1. Rochefort loved the film out of Fantastic Fest last year and the first trailer looks like a ton of fun.

You got to hand it to Abbess. He knows how to make a great looking product on a low budget.

Set in the future in a time of interplanetary colonization, Sy (Kellan Lutz), a mysterious drifter, meets Kane (Daniel MacPherson), a lieutenant working for an off-world military contractor, EXOR.

The unlikely pair must work together to rescue Kane’s young daughter (Teagan Croft) and reach safety amid an impending global crisis which was brought on by EXOR itself. Teaming up with a pair of renegades (Luke Ford and Isabel Lucas), Kane and Sy clash with EXOR in an attempt to escape while battling the savage creatures that roam the barren planet.

The film is seeing release in Australia first, followed by other territories. I don't think there is a clear date for US or Canada release, but we'll keep you all in the know.

Recommended Release: Infini

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Genius (6 years ago) Reply

Bombastic and fun looks!
For low budget it looks really good I like the FX and directing for the action scenes. I'll check it out!


uncleB (6 years ago) Reply

Looks good. The Aussies do a lot with little.

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