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One of the better adaptations of Stephen King's work from the last decade (celebrating 10 years!) is Frank Darabont's brilliant and terrifying The Mist. The adaptation of King's 200-page novella certainly took things to a dark place and now Danish show-runner Christian Torpe is traveling down a similar path with his take on the material.

"The Mist" TV series expands on the grocery store of the original story and features a massive cast including Alyssa Sutherland ("Vikings"), Isiah Whitlock Jr. and an appearance by the great Frances Conroy. The survivors are spread out over a couple of locations, a shopping mall and a church, when the mist rolls into town. The show will expand on King's and Darabont's themes of religion, power and societal breakdown.

The first trailer suggests of some terror in the mist, hysterics and a whole lot of sex.

I'm hopeful something great will come of it. I was on the fence on the "Fargo" adaptation and that turned out to be a win and though I've yet to see any of Torpe's work, I'm hopeful he'll have some of the same success. I certainly love the premise enough to give the show a go.

"The Mist" premieres on Spike on June 22.

Recommended Release: The Mist

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