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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.27.17] zombies action thriller

The World War Z sequel has turned into this mythological project that will never get made. Since it was announced production has started and stalled with various directors on board until most recently, it looked like Paramount had given up on it all together.

Never say never.

Turns out new Paramount boss Jim Gianopulos is eager to get the project back on track and in perhaps the best news about this production to date, David Fincher is in talks to direct.

That's right. David Fincher directing a zombie movie.

It seems Brad Pitt has been courting Fincher for some time about coming on board the project but with the added weight of Gianopulos behind the project, it looks like this may actually happen now. The new CEO has a long-standing relationship with Fincher, most recently with Gone Girl which he greenlit while at the helm of 20th Century Fox.

Tough at the moment this is still in negotiation, it seems that the chances of it actually happening are pretty good. Hopefully that confirmation will come sooner rather than later.

Recommended Release: World War Z

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Genius on a Higher Plane (5 years ago) Reply

David Fincher the guy who is friends with the CIA who directed a movie about the creation of FaceBook, a made up story about a college kid creating the Famous Fakebook. In the real world Zuckerberg isn't even his real name. He did not create Facebook...

Now we will have Word War Z II? I can just imagine what kind of movie this is going to be after the silly World War Z and Vaccines save the day propaganda. The book , wait the movie isn't even close to the book.
Who knows what tales they shall spin in the second movie when Fincher is in charge!

Hope it's entertaining.


projectcyclops (5 years ago) Reply

Someone certainly drank the koolade there.


Wumpus (5 years ago) Reply

No, he's just trolling for attention.


MrSatyre (5 years ago) Reply

I believe that "Genius" (*snicker*) is really attempting through subterfuge, to sell his own alternate-reality SF script concept. At least, that's what I'd LIKE to believe, because otherwise that's just really, really sad.

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