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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.15.17] scifi action

Though I'm generally not a fan of the concept of remakes, I understand the business of Hollywood loves the concept of a built-in audience and moreover, once in a while remakes, reboots and other rehashes of familiar properties turn out OK but something about the news that Warner Brothers is talking about going back to The Matrix just sits wrong with me.

Oh yeah, I know what it is. The fact that as of right now, they're in "early stages of developing" but have yet to talk to the creative team behind the originals even for a blessing. Admittedly, the Wachowskis don't have to be involved in order for the studio to go ahead and there's been enough world building in the trilogy and supporting projects that a talented group could go in and create other stories within the universe but I'm not convinced writer Zak Penn is that guy.

Sure, he's written some interesting project but he's also been behind a couple of terrible superhero movies over the last few years. And honestly, who the hell wants a Matrix movie to play out like The Avengers? I sure don't.

I fully admit that I have a bias here. I'm a huge fan of this universe. The Matrix was a movie that had significant influence in shaping my passion for movies and as much as I'd love to see more stories in this universe, I'd like to know that on some level, the creators of the universe have, at the very least, given their OK though, obviously, more involvement would be better.

Now that the news is out, it's only a matter of time before either Warner Brothers or the Wachowskis make some sort of official statement. More to come.

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Genius (4 years ago) Reply

And are you trying to say that Matrix 2 and 3 are actually good?

I wouldn't mind seeing them reboot that franchise. After what they can accomplish with Dr Strange for FX I welcome it.


Marina (4 years ago) Reply

They're messy but yeah, I like them. They're not as good as the first but I like them.


Genius (4 years ago) Reply

They were a missed opportunity for me.

I think the world offers a lot more stories.


uncleB (4 years ago) Reply

Hollywood always goes back to the same trough until they cant milk it anymore. Lazy.


frodo (4 years ago) Reply

I can only watch the deZionized version of 2 & 3 edited together, and I have the box set so it's all above board... but only then it's rare for me as the original is so perfect on its own.
Well if there is more, at least it'll introduce younger audiences to the wonders of the first movie, even at the expense of the Hollywood pre/boot glitter-on-a-turd syndrome... 18 years is a long time for classics to be lost down the back of the sofa whilst fapping to the latest vacuous SFX orgy, so I'm looking forward to it/them...

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