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In many circles, "Death Note" is kind of a big deal. The manga which appeared to become a nearly instant sensation has spawned a number of Japanese movies, series and more cosplay than you can shake a stick at.

The basic concept is pretty simple: a teenage boy named Light Turner finds a supernatural notebook which has the power to kill people. He writes a name in it and shortly thereafter the demon in the book does the deed. Flush with power, the teen goes on a killing spree and you just know that something is going to go wrong - either for Light or humanity as a whole.

Netflix is putting some muscle behind the English language adaptation hiring Adam Wingard (You're Next, The Guest - have we forgiven him for Blair Witch yet?) to direct with a cast that includes Nat Wolff as Light and Willem Dafoe voicing the demon Ryuk.

The first teaser for the west-coast set Death Note movie doesn't really give us much indication of what to expect beyond mopey teens, blue-tinged lighting throughout and a tiny glimpse at Ryuk. Hopefully a full trailer will give us a bit more (like a look at the demon).

Death Note will be released on Netflix August 25.

Before then, I'll be checking out the anime which is streaming on Hulu.

Recommended Release: Death Note Black Edition, Volume 1

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Genius (3 years ago) Reply

Netflix is really impressing me with the rights they are getting and money to budget projects. They are becoming the place for independent and major series. Hell BLAME! is going to a Netflix exclusive after the film comes out.

Light finds a Book where if you write the persons name that person dies of a heart attack. Light is a genius and uses his amazing mind to create his own Utopia. In a sense light is justice, or is light mad, or is light evil? At the end there still worshiping Light(get it)

As you go through the story you see how everyone is actually pretty weak compared to Light, even the Shigami.

Very Clever Manga and amazing adaptation to anime.

Been while since I read the manga.

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